ELAL BBG #1863


Please send ALL photographs you have of EL-AL Events to Julia (juliarubinov@gmail.com) with information on what event they were taken at. We want to post ALL of EL-Al's memories on our website!

Next Event

This Weekend: Movie Night


*  We raised $212 for make a wish foundation! Good job everybody. Don't forget to buy CRW pants on blinked, and bring $5 to the turkey bowl to be Atz Chiams CRW Sunglasses.

*Elections are coming up, and we need 1 more than half of our members so do your best to come out and vote for your fellow members of El Al and support them in getting the position on board that they want.

*If you're not registered for BBYO... Go to www.b-linked.org. Create an account. Then buy a membership... AND YOU'RE PART OF THE CHAPTER!

Yaddadamean what the hell does that mean?